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Recent topics

We released "UEC-FOOD 100" dataset. You can download from FoodCam Project Page. (2013/11/06)

Our lab members go climbing to Mt.Fuji on early September every year.
Its objective was not only just fun but also data gathering for research. We brought two automatic photographing cameras with intervals of 30 seconds, and recorded all the way to the summit and back. One camera recorded forward view, and the other one recoreded backward view. (All the recoreded photos) (09/10/16)

sunrise summit
Sunrise at an altitude of 3000m Watch all the way to the top of Mt.Fuji
in 150 sec. !
The highest point in Japan, 3776m

Welcome Yanai Lab HP

Our lab was founded on April, 2006.

Our main research interest is "generic image understanding and multimedia information mining".

Our objective is to realize a system which can understand various kinds of images such as the above ones.

Besides, we are working on multimedia information processing including video recognition, handling of geotagged photos and Web image/video mining.